What is a branded gift?

A branded gift is anything that features your business’s logo or name. Branded gifts are commonly given to clients, potential clients, employees, or donors to show appreciation for their patronage, hard work, etc. For some special events or holidays, you may create a special version of your logo and that could also be put on the promotional items of your choosing. 

Many companies and individuals gift branded items to keep the company name top of mind. You’ll want to consider what your goals are and who the recipients are when selecting your branded gift. 

Branded gifts are also wonderful for social media contests. For instance, you could have a contest where one person each month wins a shirt or other special branded prize. There are so many great uses for branded gifts and even more great ideas of what the branded gift could be. Here are some popular great branded gift ideas to consider:

·       Apparel including t-shirts, polo shirts, and hats

·       Drinkware such as tumblers, mugs, koozies, and reusable water bottles

·       Pens, highlighters, and pencils

·       Tech items such as phone chargers and flash drives

·       Bags including lunch bags, tote bags, duffel bags, and computer bags

·       Desk accessories including notepads and mousepads

·       Food items such as mints, snacks, candy, chocolates, and baked goods

·       Useful items like keychains, bottle openers, and hot/cold packs

·       Items that fit a theme such as golf balls, a golf towel, and golf tees

A branded gift should be something valuable to the recipient, something useful, and something that delivers your brand’s message well. There’s no doubt that the right branded gift will be well-received. If you’re having trouble selecting your branded gifts, Fully Promoted’s local promotional products experts can help!

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