What do you put in a virtual swag bag?

Promotional swag bags are a great tool when it comes to hosting an event and making it memorable, virtual or not. Who doesn’t like receiving free swag? Swag bags are a fun and convenient way to build your brand and get noticed. Virtual swag bags are no different; customers love receiving promotional products at home as much as anywhere else. When it comes to promotional products to include, the options are endless but it all starts with a quality, reusable convention bag or tote bag featuring your logo.

Not sure which promotional products to put in your virtual swag bag? Here are some promotional products the best virtual swag bags commonly include.

·         Customized Apparel

Branded clothing is one of the best marketing tools you can include in your virtual swag bag. Customized apparel turns employees, customers, and clients into walking billboards showcasing your brand anywhere they go. Choose from an assortment of options including screen printed or embroidered shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and more. 

·         Remote Office Accessories

From phone cases and wireless charging pads to wireless earbuds, home office accessories are great products for a virtual swag bag as they are popular and necessary for any remote office setup. USB flash drives, mousepads, blue light glasses, desk calendars, journals, pens, stylus, and phone docks are all items that are highly valued and will be received well by any employee or customer. Additionally, many of these items are lightweight and small, making them easy to ship and include in a virtual swag bag. 

·         Home Goods

Hosting a virtual event can make audience members feel like they are missing out. Help them feel celebrated where they are by gifting home goods they can enjoy during your event. Customized scented candles, fleece throws, and coffee mugs are all items your attendees can enjoy while watching your event. 

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