What do corporate wellness programs offer?

Businesses of all sizes have created successful corporate wellness programs to boost their employees’ morale, team spirit, and productivity. Some have found that these employee wellness programs also provide a reduction in their healthcare costs. The best corporate wellness programs offer several components, consider the below.

·               Biometric Screenings – Biometric screenings check for general health issues to identify any significant cardiovascular or nervous system problems. The screenings typically take about 15 minutes to do – either in the workplace or at a physician’s office – and include such tests as a carotid artery ultrasound screening, blood pressure check, diabetes screening, and cholesterol screening. At some companies, these are offered during an event designed for employees such as an Employee Health Fair or Wellness Day.

·               Health Assessments – Health assessments are more comprehensive than biometric screenings. They involve a physician evaluating employees’ health status by first taking their health history and then performing a physical examination. The goal is to identify any health issues that need to be addressed early. Incorporating a health assessment as part of a corporate wellness program can help to establish a baseline for the employees and can be used to set wellness goals for the year.

·               Wellness Activities – These can include numerous events and programs that encourage individuals, departments, and the business as a whole to focus on wellness. Popular activities include weight loss challenges, participation in walks and runs to benefit nonprofits, fitness tracker-based steps competitions, yoga classes, lunch and learn events based on health and fitness topics, cooking demonstrations, and onsite fitness classes.

·               Wellness Incentives – Rewards and awards for wellness program participation are critical to the success of the program. To motivate employees to participate in corporate wellness initiatives, these can include company-wide recognition, cash bonuses, gift cards for a health food café or juice bar near the office, fitness equipment, gym memberships, or money toward purchasing them, along with some branded promotional items and clothing.

·               Branded Employee Wellness Swag – Often used to launch a corporate wellness program and support employees’ awareness and participation in it, branded promotional items create excitement around events and are wildly popular with all who receive them. The right items with your logo on them are used and seen for years. Branded employee swag that supports wellness effectively includes t-shirts, reflective wrist bands, water bottles and other drinkware, fitness trackers, athleisure wear, and drawstring bags and totes.

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