What are the different types of embroidery?

Many businesses choose to embroider their employee uniforms, hats, branded outerwear, and performance wear because a company name and logo that are embroidered looks professional and automatically associates the brand with quality. This gold standard for customizing clothing and hats is often chosen for its appearance of rich detailing and substantive texture. Once you decide that embroidered branded clothing is right for your business, you can decide among four options.

  • Satin Stitch – Classic and highly popular, the satin stitch works well on many fabrics. It can also be used in combination with screen printing to enhance a company name with extra color and richness.
  • Running Stitch/Walking Stitch – Also popular, this type of embroidery stitch often looks hand sewn. It replicates and enhances small details in any brand name or logo.
  • Fill Stitch – When you want to embroider a large area on an article of clothing – particularly if you are working with delicate fabric or fleece – use a fill stitch. This highly textured option makes certain that even the smallest of detail stands out on your brand’s name and logo.
  • Combination Stitch – Get creative and watch your brand come to life when you combine several stitches for a look that sets it apart from the competition.

Contact the experts at your local Fully Promoted today for embroidery ideas that will boost your brand whether you’re in the healthcare industry, education, a government agency, or any business. At your local Fully Promoted, you can see and touch these types of embroidery to decide which type of high-quality embroidery is right for you.

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