What are the best small business promotional items? 

For small businesses looking to get the most bang for their promotional item buck, there are plenty of options. Some of the best promotional items for small businesses are classics that have been used by savvy marketers for years because they have proven to be both popular and business generators. Others are newer favorites delivering brand awareness, goodwill, sales, engagement, and loyalty.

Here are several of the best small business promotional items that are budget-friendly and effective:

  • Pens, Pencils, and Other Writing Instruments – These come in many colors and materials and are saved and used frequently. Research conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the promotional product industry’s largest membership organization, found that 50% of US consumers own promotional writing utensils.
  • Magnets – With plenty of space for your company’s contact details, logo, and social media information, magnets come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors – all of which are budget-friendly favorites that people like to place on virtually any magnetic surface.
  • Calendars – What better way to stay top of mind with your customers than to give them a calendar they will use daily to check dates and log appointments? These are available in many creative themes, shapes, colors, and materials.
  • T-Shirts – There are plenty of choices in terms of style, material, design, printing or embroidery techniques, and sizes to choose from when you display your logo, contact details, and social media information on a t-shirt that will be worn and appreciated frequently.
  • Drinkware/Cups/Water Bottles – It’s almost impossible to be out and about without seeing people carrying reusable water bottles and other drinkware – including cups. These often colorful and always appreciated promotional items associate your company with healthy choices as people use them and see them being used again and again. ASI research found that 50% of US consumers use the logo drinkware they have been given two to three times per week.
  • Wellness & Health – Items for personal wellness are well-received and always useful. Popular items that can be branded for your business include hand sanitizer, lip balm, face masks, first aid kits, hot/cold packs, and much more.

Your local Fully Promoted team will help you find the best small business promotional items for your industry. Get personal attention from our experts as they provide recommendations based on your wants, needs, timetable, and budget. We can add your logo to just about anything you can imagine and our team is standing by to assist your small business from selecting the best promotional items to distributing the items when they’re ready. Contact your local Fully Promoted team today!

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly or speak with a local branded products expert near you.

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