What are the best promotional pens?

Few branded promotional items deliver bang for your buck like promotional pens. These budget-friendly writing utensils are easy to carry, used frequently, and are kept by 89% of the people who receive them, according to industry research.

With many options of pen styles available, it’s difficult to go wrong when choosing one or several as your business’s promotional pen giveaway. But there is one standard that all of your promotional pens should have – whatever style you choose, the best promotional pen is one you are proud to give as a representation of your business. Quality pens write in smooth, solid lines. Their ink should not feather or bleed, and the ink should dry relatively quickly.

Regardless of what pen you choose, it should be branded with your business’s contact details and logo in a stand-out way.

Consider trying pens with these features to show that your business is both creative and practical:

  • Pens with More than One Feature – Show how your business stands apart from the crowd with pens that are a combination of writing utensils. These are available as the pairing of pens with highlighters, pencils, or even a stylus.
  • Pens with a Message Banner – These surprising pens hide your message until your banner is displayed.
  • Special Grip Pens – For those who prefer a cushioned grip when they use a pen, these will be a welcome and well-used addition to their writing tools. Some also come with anti-microbial grips.
  • Executive Pens – Kept and appreciated, time and time again, these offer exceptional quality and styling.

Your local Fully Promoted has the most creative promotional pens at budget-friendly prices. Our local experts specialize in putting your logo on almost any kind of pen! Find out how to get the ultimate bang for your buck with promotional pens when you contact us today.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly or speak with a local branded products expert near you.

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