What are the best marketing strategies for schools?

Many schools rely on open houses or campus tours to market their school, and that’s about it. However, there are many ways to go about marketing your school. From hosting giveaways to utilizing free online platforms, read on for some ideas on promoting your school. 

·         Host Giveaways

Students and parents love to receive school supplies or apparel. Help get your school’s name out there by incorporating promotional products into your marketing strategy. From pens, highlighters, and binders to face masks, lanyards, and t-shirts, there is an endless list of school supplies and gear students and parents would love to receive and use. Promotional products are a great way to initiate a positive brand image while getting your name out there.

·         Utilize social media

Make the most of free marketing strategies like social media. By having a school Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, your school can share academic achievements, advertise fundraisers, or invite your audience to a school-hosted event. You can even host a virtual raffle and give away a school swag bundle, complete with any variety of items, including school branded t-shirts, hats, bookbags, and any other products your students may desire. 

·         Advertise at Events

Show off your campus by hosting a community event at the school. From a fall festival to a community talent show, hosting events at your school is a great way to make your community aware of your location, programs, and facilities. By incorporating a giveaway at the event you host, you can be sure to send visitors home with promotional products that remind them of your hospitality and all that you have to offer, including customized school folders with information about registration and more.  

·         Improve School Spirit

Developing a strong sense of school pride in your current student body goes a long way for marketing a school. Nothing advocates for a school more than students who are proud of their school. Help improve school spirit by offering students spirit products to get them excited for their school. From noise-makers to foam fingers, the options are endless when it comes to customized game day products. 

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