What are the benefits of school uniforms?

Across the country, many schools and school districts have opted to institute school uniforms for their students in Pre-K through 12th grade. Consider these benefits of school uniforms as you give thought to whether uniforms are a good solution for your student body.

1.      Equality
Some students go home to mansions, while others go home to meager living conditions. Uniforms create a reality where children are not judged by their socio-economic status, appearances, or possessions. This facilitates more attention spent on ensuring the academic, socio-emotional, and physical needs of every student are met. 

2.      School spirit/school identity

Much like in the workforce, uniforms help students feel united and strengthen school spirit. From brandishing school colors to displaying school mascots, uniforms can help students feel accepted and proud of their school. 

3.      Security

Uniforms help keep school campuses secure. Should an intruder enter a school campus, their apparel would stand out against students’ uniforms and communicates that this person is a stranger and possible threat. Additionally, school personnel such as security guards or student resource officers can also wear uniform shirts or IDs to assist students in knowing which adults to speak to should they need help.

School uniforms have been proven to improve student performance, school spirit, and campus security for children of all ages from elementary through high school. If your school needs a school uniform solution, contact your local Fully Promoted team. Our uniform experts are standing by and can help you make the right selections for your school’s uniforms.

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