What are hot promo products?

Promotional products are proven to be highly effective at increasing brand recognition and increasing sales. Knowing which products will be the most effective for your company can be tricky, given the variety of options available. We have gathered some of the hottest promo products on the market.

1.    Kitchen Swag 

Did you know 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen? Or that 89% of consumers can recall the name of an item’s brand for up to 2 years? Promotional products such as customized drinkware, refrigerator magnets, lunch boxes with travel utensils, measuring cups, pot holders, and more have the potential to garner brand recognition for the life of the product, which could potentially be for years.

2.    Clothing and Accessories

Items such as shirts, outerwear, and hats can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo or message and are particularly effective at garnering attention for your brand. Imagine turning staff and customers into walking billboards for your brand, garnering attention wherever they wear your company’s customized apparel.

3.    Tech Gadgets

From custom wireless earbuds and power banks to Bluetooth speakers, tech gadgets are highly valued by consumers and give your brand a sophisticated and professional appeal. Their usefulness and the likelihood of being shared with others make tech gadgets extremely popular promo product choices. 

4.    Environmentally Responsible Products

Consumers are ready to get behind environmentally conscious brands. Showing your customers that you care about the environment is easy to do with environmentally responsible promotional products. In fact, 46% of consumers say they have a more favorable opinion of brands that give out environmentally-friendly promotional products, including wood USB flash drives, reusable water bottles and straws, bamboo travel cups, office supplies made from recycled materials, and more. 

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