What are good employee appreciation gifts?

Most employers struggle to find employee appreciation gift ideas that all their employees will want. Whether your employees work in an office, on the go, or remotely, we have compiled a list of gifts they will want that will not break the bank:

·         Technology Accessories

Employees rely on various technology accessories to get their jobs done correctly, help them get the job done in company style with multiple tech gadgets they could use, such as customized phone chargers and USB converters. Looking for a nicer gift option? A wireless mouse or a pair of Bluetooth earbuds/headphones can upgrade any workspace setup. 

·         Customized Treats

Treat your employees to all kinds of delicious goodies such as gourmet cookie crates to treat the best department or individually wrapped chocolate-covered pretzels to hand out to each employee. We can customize all the packaging with a warm message or your company logo. 

·         Travel Tumblers

Did you know that over half of American workers drink coffee at work? Help your employees keep their coffee hot or ice-cold throughout the workday with a customized vacuum insulated tumbler with any logo or message. Disposable water bottles, juice containers, and other beverage containers can make any space seem cluttered. By gifting employees with a company tumbler, you can give them a tidier workspace as well.  

·         Personalized Stationery and Office Gifts

Customized office gifts such as branded notebooks, a desk gift set, or a day planner can go a long way for employees. Stationery and other office gifts are a great way of recognizing an employee and elevating their current supplies. 

Our team of local promotional product experts can help you select the perfect employee appreciation gifts for your company’s incentive program or next event. Call your local Fully Promoted team to get your order started today! 

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly or speak with a local branded products expert near you.

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