What are corporate clothes?

Many businesses experience increased brand awareness, better customer relations, and stronger team bonding by incorporating corporate clothing. Corporate clothing is designed with employees’ work environment in mind and can be designed to match any brand. From customized embroidery to screen printing, corporate apparel can come in many different styles and levels of formality. 

Types of Corporate Clothing

Boosting your business’s brand awareness is easy to do in any workplace. Whether your employees work in an office, a warehouse, or on the go, there are many corporate clothing options for employers to choose from.


Corporate attire can be as casual or formal as you need, with many outdoor and athletic options.

o   Polos

o   T-shirts

o   Jackets

o   Sweatshirts

o   Pullovers

o   Blazers

o   Business shirts


Workplace pants should be comfortable, sturdy, and reliable. Here at Fully Promoted, we offer an impressive variety of options you and your employees will love, including stretch options.

o   Dress pants

o   Shorts

o   Skirts

o   Athletic pants


Corporate apparel includes any accessories your employees may need to get the job done.

o   Caps and hats

o   Scarves

o   Gloves

o   Rainwear


There are many options for businesses who require safety gear or protective clothing, including the following options.

o   Hardhats

o   High visibility vests, tops, and workwear

Are you looking to order corporate clothing for your business? Your local Fully Promoted team is ready to go over all our available options and help you select the best choices for your business. 

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