Is corporate gift giving important?

Yes! Gift giving and receiving is a powerful experience, particularly in the business world. Corporate gift giving is on the rise, and for good reason. According to a survey conducted by Coresight Research, 50% of businesses say they plan on increasing corporate gifting this year. From garnering attention at events to recognizing employees' hard work, many companies are taking advantage of the benefits of corporate gift giving. 

Wondering what corporate gifting can offer your business? Take a look below:

·         Builds Better Relationships

Receiving an unexpected gift can help create trust and build a strong bond between the gift-giver and the recipient. Corporate gifting is an excellent tool for building better relationships with the people your business relies on. In fact, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to conduct business with a company that offers personalized experiences such as appreciation gifts. Additionally, 69% of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were better appreciated. 

·         Create Company Culture

Per a survey conducted by Bersin by Deloitte, 95% of respondents believe a company's culture beats out compensation when selecting a job. By recognizing personal milestones, workplace achievements, and holidays with corporate gifts, businesses can build a strong company culture and reap the benefits of happier employees, including higher productivity and retention rates.

·         Promote Brand Awareness

There are many ways corporate gifting can help your business promote brand awareness. To start with, corporate gifts provide you with a way to communicate with your target audience and begin building loyalty right away. Additionally, promotional items are often passed along to friends and family and garner attention from anyone who sees or uses the gift. 

Because the holidays and end of year tend to be popular for corporate gift giving, it is prudent to plan ahead and place your gift orders several months in advance to ensure your gifts are ready to send out without delays. 

Corporate gifts are not only a great marketing strategy for current and potential customers, but they are also an excellent employee retention tool and provide an excellent return on investment. Are you looking for corporate gift ideas for your business? Contact your local Fully Promoted today. We can help you find the perfect corporate gifts for any occasion. You can also shop online 24/7 on our website

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