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How much does screen printing cost?

Considered one of the most popular branding processes, screen printing is prized for its ability to replicate complicated designs and multiple, vibrant colors. This rapid printing process uses mesh to transfer ink onto virtually any flat surface and is most often used to brand clothing. The cost of screen printing is determined based on several factors.

  • Similar to many promotional items, the cost per screen printed item reduces when ordering in bulk – the more screen-printed items ordered, the lower the cost per item. There is often a minimum number of items to be screen printed, and you will likely need to order around 100 items to begin to see the price of the items significantly decrease.
  • There is a set-up fee per side being screen printed. You are expected to provide the artwork to be used on each item but if you are unable to provide, the artwork can be designed for you this will usually incur an additional cost.
  • The color of the item you are screen printing on can impact the cost as screen printing on darker items is generally more expensive.
  • The number of sides your design will be printed on also impacts the cost of screen printing, For example, if you are just doing the front of the shirt, this will cost less than doing the front and the back or the front and a sleeve.
  • The number of colors in your design also increases the price for screen printing so keep that in mind when creating your artwork.
  • You will also need to factor in the cost of the item you are printing on (i.e., the cost of the t-shirt, polo shirt, Covid mask, towel, etc.).
  • The expected turnaround time could impact the cost of screen printing if you need to order your items in a hurry as there may be a “rush” fee.

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