How much does it cost to make school uniforms?

Embroidered or screenprinted? Casual or business attire? Many factors go into determining the cost of making a school uniform. Read on to learn more about how much it costs to make school uniforms:

1.      Embroidery vs. Screenprinting

When customizing a uniform shirt, usually with the school logo, you can choose between embroidery and screenprinting. Embroidery is sewn with stitches and is considered the more durable option but is also the costliest method for adding a logo. However, screenprinting is an excellent option for reproducing a logo with a more casual look that is more affordable. Many school uniforms include both logo styles, using embroidery for dressier tops and bottoms and screenprinting for athletic wear and casual wear.

2.      Attire Style

School uniforms vary in many ways, and one way is how casual or professional the required attire is. Some schools rely on athletic wear and polos as their uniform top, while others require blazers and ties. The more professional the uniform’s attire, the more likely the uniform will include higher-cost items. Some uniform items that can increase the cost of the school uniform include vests, blazers, and even dress socks.

3.      Shoes and Accessories

Many schools opt to offer uniform shoes, dress socks, ties, and hair accessories to maintain a genuinely consistent look. These add-ons, however, can add cost to each student’s uniform budget. However, without them, students will use whichever items they have at home, compromising the uniformity of the students’ outfits. 

4.      Brand

Another factor that can affect the cost of making school uniforms is the brand of clothing used. A quality brand does not have to break the bank. Try to find the best balance of quality and cost-efficiency when selecting items for your school’s uniforms.

5.      Fabric

When selecting the type of fabric for your uniforms, it is best to go with a durable yet comfortable and breathable choice. Cotton is a breathable and durable material that is also cost-effective. Other good options for school uniforms include polyester and nylon. In cooler climates, outerwear with wool may be an option but will typically cost more.

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