How does dress code affect business?

There are many benefits to adopting a dress code for your organization. Dress code policies are one visual expression of the culture of an organization. Therefore, workplace attire is a key component in establishing the company’s desired organizational culture. It can also remove the intangible barriers between management and employee, promoting cooperation and communication.

Once you have decided what style of dress code best conveys your company’s brand (casual, business casual, corporate wear, etc.), employees can identify themselves more with their company's objectives and values. Corporate dress codes make them unconsciously responsible for upholding the goals and values of the company. Likewise, a casual dress code can help communicate fun and friendly organizational culture. This may result in employees feeling empowered to deliver exceptional customer service which, in turn, strengthens your company’s goal of providing excellent service.

Many offices have shifted from a stuffy, quiet environment to an open, collaborative workspace. If teamwork and unity are strong values in the organization, reducing status differences by standardizing the dress code among all employees will reinforce these organizational values and help generate a positive outcome for your organization.  

Having a professional dress code that incorporates your company’s branding and logo will foster a sense of trust amongst clients and customers as it is a visual representation of your company’s mission and culture. It also provides employees with comfortable, safe, and high-quality workwear that allows them to feel comfortable and confident.

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