How do you reward employees for safety?

Enforcing workplace safety regulations and practices is critical for the safety and well-being of your employees as well as your business. For this reason, rewarding employees who practice workplace safety is important. No business can afford the detriments of a workplace tragedy, but every business can afford to reward employees. 

Not sure how to reward employees for safety? Consider these ideas: 

·         Recognition Program

One of the more common workplace safety incentives is a recognition program. You can choose how to set up your program and how often you want to recognize the selected individual(s). It does not need to be complicated, just genuine and consistent. There are two essential parts of the program. First, be sure to recognize employees who model or surpass your expectations for following safety protocols. Secondly, offer these individuals a desirable reward. Rewards customized with company logos make it clear that it is a workplace acknowledgment instead of a personal gift. Popular customized gifts include sweatshirts, duffel bags, drink tumblers, and more

·         Instant Rewards

Another great way to incentivize workplace safety is to reward behavior on-site as it happens. A benefit of this is that your management team does not have to plan anything and simply rewards good behaviors as they occur. Be sure to do this consistently to provide employees with good chances to demonstrate safety protocols. We recommend rewarding employees who demonstrate safety at least weekly. Promotional products such as sunglasses, t-shirts, or water bottles make great on-the-spot incentives for workplace safety. One downside to this approach is the fact that it is not in front of everyone, making it somewhat less impactful on employees who need more encouragement or modeling of what safety compliance looks like. 

·         Quarterly or Monthly Celebrations

Instead of singling out any one person, you could choose to host celebrations for the entire staff in the form of a luncheon, meeting, or even a banquet to celebrate those who have complied with workplace safety protocols. Instead of handing out a single gift to each employee, you could pass out party favors or thank you packages with an assortment of rewards. 

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