How do you promote a school brand?

Schools need excellent advertising, just as any business would. However, how do you promote a school brand? Engaging families and spreading school pride is a good way to show your community that your students are happy and successful in your school. Help your students and school standout with the following strategies:

·         School uniform

Having a school uniform is smart for several reasons. In addition to helping ensure safety and reduce bullying, a school uniform is an excellent branding tool. When students wear a school uniform, they become walking billboards for your school. An easy way to encourage your students to wear a uniform is to provide them with appealing yet appropriate options, including:

o   Embroidered polos

o   School t-shirts and outerwear

o   Stylish accessories 

·         Attend academic fairs 

Whether you are visiting an event or hosting one on your campus, attending academic events is a fantastic way to get your school’s name noticed. From spelling bees to open houses, any of the following items are bound to get your school noticed:

o   Informational packets in logoed folders

o   Pens and pencils 

o   Logoed table throw

·         Student rewards

A student’s success is a school’s success as well. Show that you celebrate your students’ academic achievements with monthly or quarterly recognition. You can incentivize students to show off their awards to others by giving away the following items to recognize their achievements:

o   School decals or bumper stickers

o   Personalized silicone bracelets

o   Honor roll medallions or ribbons

·         School Gift Shop

Can’t afford too many school giveaways? A great way to promote your school brand is to open a school gift shop. Through the gift shop, you can sell school merchandise of all kinds. You can set up a table for your school gift shop at school events or even establish an online store. Popular items include:

o   Game day accessories like clappers or foam fingers

o   Fleece jackets or hooded sweatshirts

o   Customized phone cases and power banks

·         Faculty appreciation gifts

An important factor in parents’ selection of a school is the school’s faculty and staff. Ensure the happiness and wellbeing of employees and staff by treating them well and recognizing their hard work. Something as simple as good teacher appreciation gifts can go a long way in keeping people happy:

o   Lunchboxes

o   Drinkware

o   Tech accessories

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