How do you make a virtual event special?

The pandemic has changed life as we know it, including how we host events. As a result, virtual events have been instrumental in bringing people together. However, hosting virtual events does certainly present its own challenges. Whether you are team building with remote employees or engaging participants in a webinar, connecting with audience members can be difficult in a virtual setting. The best way to make your virtual event stand out is with the use of promotional products. Here are some creative ways to make your next virtual event special. 

·         Employee Events

Employee events have become virtual as more employees work remotely. You might be wondering how onboarding or celebrating employees works with remote workers. Promotional gifts are a fantastic way to bring your brand to them and help them feel like part of the team. Send new employees a care package of various customized promotional products they could use for their home office including noise-canceling headphones, mousepads, webcams, wireless mouse, cell phone stands, power banks, pens and highlighters, gourmet coffees and teas, coffee mugs, and even logoed apparel. Receiving such a care package will make any new remote worker feel welcome and appreciated. Thanking current employees can also take on the form of a similar care package sent out on their hiring anniversary. 

·         Virtual Tradeshows, Conferences, and Conventions

One reason participants in the past would look forward to tradeshows, conferences, and conventions is for the swag they get to take home. However, gifting hundreds of participants can get tricky as now items must be shipped to participants. Thankfully, many well-received promotional products options for tradeshows are easy to ship such as USB flash drives, notebooks, pens, lanyards, and wireless earbuds. Many popular items add swag without breaking the bank, including branded sunglasses, customized stress balls, logoed face masks, stylus pens, and water bottles

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