How do you incentivize safety?

One of the best ways to promote workplace safety is by creating incentives for employees who regularly adhere to your business's safety practices. The bottom line is incentivizing employees to be compliant with workplace safety guidelines is in their best interest and yours. By investing in solid safety rewards and celebrations, you are investing in your company's future as much as you are protecting your employees. There are various ways you can go about incentivizing safety. Below are some guidelines for starting workplace safety incentives: 

·         Make it meaningful

Incentives should be genuine and meaningful. This means investing in a solid plan of action that your business and the management team take seriously. It should never be treated as a waste of time or money, or else your employees will take it less seriously. And when it comes to safety, that cannot happen. 

·         Educate before you expect

Before offering incentives for employees who demonstrate workplace safety, you must be explicit about your expectations. Be sure to take every step you can to ensure your employees are well aware of the safety expectations. This includes hosting informational meetings, posting warning signs and labels, and asking management to review your safety protocols often, thoroughly, and consistently. 

·         Be consistent

If you decide to incentivize workplace safety for your employees, you must do so consistently and long-term. If you remove the incentive or do not follow through consistently, you may find that employees will be less mindful of your safety practices, and workplace safety could be compromised. 

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