How do you develop a dress code for work?

If you are considering developing a dress code for your employees, there are some important things to take into consideration such as your company branding, your industry, and the kind of company culture you wish to project. Branding serves the main purpose of creating a lasting impression of a company and can include branded apparel or uniforms. And since first impressions are lasting impressions, having a dress code that incorporates your company’s logo and branding will create a memorable impression with clients and customers.  

Motivating employees to adopt a dress code that consists of branded corporate clothing provides your company with a cost-effective branding solution. Here are some helpful guidelines to assist in the creation of a new dress code policy:

1.     Before implementing a new dress code policy, speak to your employees and note their preferences and thoughts. This will help you understand how they may feel about the change but also help them feel like they are part of the process. They will appreciate their thoughts being heard.

2.     Ease into changes with the dress code policy. Abrupt changes can potentially affect employee morale.

3.     Establish a set of clearly defined guidelines for what is and is not permitted regarding workplace attire.

4.     Be open to feedback from employees and be able to reasonably explain why policy changes are necessary.

5.     Make sure every employee affected by the policy is aware of new expectations. This can be done through email, a large group meeting, or an updated employee handbook depending on your business and how you normally communicate important information.

6.     Leadership should lead by example. 

7.     Consider providing a supplement to help with the cost associated with meeting the requirements of the new dress code.

Developing a dress code for any business can take time and should be given a lot of thought to be sure all options have been considered and that all employees buy into the idea. The dress code should be made available in writing for all employees to review and there should be time set aside for discussing the plan with employees. If your business’s new dress code calls for branded uniforms, safety wear, etc., the team at your local Fully Promoted can be of assistance. Contact your local Fully Promoted team for more help or start reviewing some of the options we have at your convenience online 24/7.


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