How do you design a school uniform?

With the variety of options available, designing a school uniform can seem like quite a challenge. From knowing what apparel options to offer, to selecting the right fit and style for students, many decisions are involved in designing a school uniform. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips on how to create a school uniform to get you started:

Uniforms help your students stand out

One of the primary purposes of a school uniform is to help you and others recognize your students. However, this only works if your school’s uniform stands out. To ensure your students will stand out in their uniform, try to select options that will help your students stand apart from other members of your community. Begin by researching nearby schools to see what colors, fabrics, and styles they include in their school uniform. Do your best to select options that differ from uniforms worn by nearby or rival schools.

·         Climate

When designing your school’s uniform, another factor to consider is what the climate is like in your area. If your school experiences colder weather during the school year, be sure to offer students uniform outerwear options such as fleece jackets, long pants, or cardigans. Matching outerwear options are also a great way to provide students with varied choices within the uniform. If your climate is warmer during the majority of the school year, you may want to stick with cool, quick-dry fabrics, shorts, and short-sleeve polos.

·         Include athletic options

Whether for physical education classes, field trips, or afterschool activities, students will also need athletic uniform options. A customized t-shirt and shorts set are easy to add to any school uniform, as are matching hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants for colder weather.

·         Accessories complete the look

Students will need uniform accessories in addition to their tops and bottoms, including shoes, socks, belts, hair ribbons, and ties. By offering these items as part of your school uniform, you ensure consistency and promote school spirit.

·         Consider costs

School uniforms can save families money on their children’s clothing annually. However, due to the wide variety of uniform options, it is essential to consider how much your required options can cost your students’ families. Be sure to keep your students’ demographics in mind and select options they can afford.

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