How do non-profit organizations raise money?

Traditionally, non-profit organizations raise money via fundraisers, donations received from supporters, and grants their organization may qualify for. With so many non-profits popping up, limited grants, and competing for donors, your organization may need to implement new strategies and concepts to raise funds.  

  • One way to refresh the concept of fundraising is using your organization’s Facebook account to create a Facebook fundraiser. This allows your followers to raise money through their page on behalf of your organization. You can create a campaign, share it with your followers and generate local word of mouth. This is a very convenient way to generate funds. With one click of a button, supporters can help raise funds for your non-profit.
  • Another great option is creating branded promotional products to promote your organization. These branded items can be sold at your events or online via your website and social media pages. With the right branding, you can create a line of promotional merchandise that is eye-catching and functional. People enjoy functional items they can use such as water bottles, battery packs, phone chargers, and reusable tote bags. You can also create a line of apparel such as hats, t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, and more that can be provided to staff and volunteers for events but also available for purchase to event attendees. With a little thought and some help from the local experts at Fully Promoted, you can get even more creative creating a highly desirable line of merchandise perfectly suited for your organization.
  • More traditional methods for fundraising for non-profit groups include hosting fundraising events such as car washes, bake sales, etc. Some of these can be part of larger community events such as health fairs, craft sales, etc. 

Whether you are a new non-profit group or a well-established group, make sure your followers know your mission statement and why you are passionate about the cause. This will help to generate more interest in your non-profit leading to more people helping you raise funds for the cause. Our teams at Fully Promoted are experienced in selecting and creating unique promotional products and planning for events – call us today or shop online 24/7.

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