How can you use promotional products effectively?

The great thing about promotional products is that there is no way to get it wrong. No one is offended by gifts, and most consumers love promotional products. Did you know that about 80% of the American population report owning promotional products? According to a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), about 85% of consumers will do business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional product. However, there are some ways to ensure you’re using promotional products effectively.

1.      Do not limit to only customers

When selecting promotional products, consider others who would appreciate receiving items, such as vendors and employees. Doing so not only shows appreciation but also creates a sense of loyalty to your business.

2.      Always have giveaways ready at sponsored events

An excellent way to help individuals remember an event is to pass out promotional products. An estimated 94% of people remember where they received a promotional item. Use promotional products as a giveaway at your next event and leave a lasting impression.

3.      Incorporate with social media

Promotional products and social media go well together as it is easy and impressionable to do a virtual giveaway. Post pictures of the products the giveaway includes and ask followers to share the post with others. Then, choose your winners and share their names or tag them on social media asking them to DM you their mailing address. This is a fun and cost-efficient way to get your brand noticed by many new potential customers.

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