How can you promote safety in the workplace?

Promoting safety in the workplace is critical for any industry, as accidents can happen anywhere. Thankfully, there are many ways to promote workplace safety at your company – consider the below. 

1.      Train employees well

The first and most crucial step to creating a safe workplace is educating your employees and setting clear and consistent expectations. Hold regular meetings to discuss practices pertinent to your industry, and explain your expectations. Be direct and as concise as possible to ensure your employees walk away understanding your expectations. 

2.      Provide the right tools

To ensure every employee has access to the right safety equipment, provide your employees with any items they need. This sends a clear message that this is important to your business. While the expense of this may worry some, investing in proactive measures to ensure safety costs much less than workers' compensation, lawsuits, or worse, someone's life. Additionally, by providing these items, employees will have uniform safety gear and will feel like your company cares about their safety. This can truly showcase your brand as one that takes the safety of its employees seriously. Branded safety equipment is an excellent opportunity to create a sense of pride and cohesion with your safety expectations. Fully Promoted offers a wide array of safety apparel and safety gear that can be customized to include your logo - safety apparel, safety headwear, reflectors/flashers, safety lights, safety gloves, safety glasses, and earplugs. We also have a good selection of emergency products your business may want to keep on hand.

3.      Offer incentives

Reward employees for safe behavior with incentives consistently. This not only encourages employees to participate but also demonstrates how seriously your business takes workplace safety. Additionally, finding good examples of employees practicing safety measures in your business is a great way to display your expectations to others. There are all kinds of incentives or rewards you can offer your employees, including awards, customized apparel, bags, drinkware, and more

Fully Promoted takes workplace safety very seriously. Our team of promotional product and marketing experts can help you identify the perfect way to incentivize your employees to take it seriously too. Contact us today to get started!

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