How can non-profits improve marketing?

Non-profits looking to improve their marketing, need to remember that making others aware of your presence and the good work you are doing is critical. 

  •  Creating a solid social media presence for your non-profit group across a few platforms is big step in the right direction. This is not a casual job for inexperienced volunteers. These days, social media marketing is an expert’s realm – if you want it to produce anything valuable, you need someone on your team who is social media savvy. Your organization can start with the following:
    • Start pages on multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Tik-Tok. Although you do not need all of these, it is certainly worth considering which platforms make the most sense for your non-profit. A good Social Media Manager can assess your organization’s mission statement and target audience to determine which social media platforms will work best for you. 
    • Post regularly because sharing content as often as possible keeps your group top of mind for your followers. Share upcoming events, accomplishments, and other news related to your organization. Videos get noticed and shared more than images so be sure you take short video clips at every event.
    • Advertising on social media platforms to a targeted audience will help grow your followers and your fanbase.
    • Consider sponsoring contests on social media – this can take many forms! If your contest entrance requires participants to share one of your posts or post on their social media and tag your profiles, even better. Prizes don’t have to be big – an assortment of your promotional products (i.e., t-shirts, hats, pens, reusable drinkware, shopping totes, etc. with your logo) that can be shipped to the winner will be well-received and used time and time again – growing your reach every time.
  • An updated website with your non-profit group’s mission statement, accomplishments, goals, and contact information is critical to help others learn about the group’s work. Include a blog with photos and videos from recent events to help highlight your community involvement.
  • Get involved in the community to grow your non-profit’s reach. Every time you meet someone at community events, you are planting a seed and sharing your vision for the future. Face-to-face contact with people interested in your cause is critical. While at these events, be sure you’re giving away some of the branded promotional items to keep your spreading your name in the community.

With a little hard work and patience, your non-profit organization will see the fruits of its labor in many ways. Growing awareness of your group might take time but taking the steps above will help get your group where you want it. The local Fully Promoted promotional product experts are standing by to help anytime – contact us or start browsing our merchandise 24/7 online.

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