How can I promote my construction company?

Getting your construction business’s name out there can seem like a daunting task, but there are many ways to do it. One of the most successful methods of marketing is the use of promotional products. Did you know 89% of consumers can remember the brand on a promotional product they received in the last two years? Additionally, promotional products not only leave a positive impression on the recipient, but a single promotional item can also receive hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions per month from on-looking family members, friends, coworkers, and strangers, depending on where and how often the item is used. Here are some ways you can best incorporate promotional products into your construction company’s marketing strategy.

·         Host a Promotional Giveaway 

From passing out promotional products at trade shows or hosting a monthly social media giveaway, there are many ways to host a promotional giveaway. There are also many reasons to host a promotional giveaway including milestones for your construction company or awards received. First and foremost, consumers love receiving promotional products. According to a recent study, 82% of individuals have a positive impression of a brand upon receiving a promotional item as a gift. Promotional products that make great giveaway items either by themselves or bundled with other items include:

·         Outerwear

·         Bluetooth speakers

·         Wireless charging stations

·         Promotional baseball caps

·         Duffel bags

·         Maintain Relationships with Past Clients

While attracting new business is essential, maintaining your relationships with past clients is just as important for various reasons. A few weeks after you finish a project with a client, send a small thank you gift and ask about how things are going. You can also use this opportunity to ask if they are interested in collaborating with you on other projects. You may find more work simply by asking. Not only does reaching out afterward show clients that you value their business, but it also improves your chances of getting more work or even a referral. Considering that companies typically make 16% more revenue on sales that come from referrals, you cannot afford to miss any referrals. Great promotional gift ideas include:

·         Office products

·         Power banks

·         Gift sets

·         Coffee and tea gift sets

·         Employees as Brand Ambassadors

From protective gear and headwear to t-shirts and outerwear, employee uniforms are a great marketing tool. They come in a large variety of styles and purposes. Some of the best options for construction employees include:

·    Protective headwear

·    High visibility vests, jackets, and more

·    Safety glasses

·    Protective gloves

·    Reflectors and flashers

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