How can I promote back to school?

Back to school season is always an exciting time of year! An easy way to boost your advertising around back to school is with the use of promotional products. Not sure how to promote your back-to-school sales? Promotional products can help your business stand out this summer as students get ready for a new school year in the fall. 

·         Branded School Supplies

Whether or not your business has back to school sales, a great way to get your business noticed this summer is by giving away personalized school supplies. By giving away school supplies when they are most in-demand, you turn an inexpensive promotional product into a highly desired and thus highly visible tool to market your brand. Consider these items: 

·         Pens, pencils, and highlighters

·         Notebooks

·         Pencil pouches

·         Rulers

·         Calculators

·         Promotional Bags

At back-to-school time, promotional bags are another great item to give away. Why? Well, to begin with, what student doesn’t need a bag for carrying personal belongings? Whether for school, tutoring, clubs, or sports, the need for an extra bag is always there for students. Secondly, promotional bags can garner over 3,000 impressions a month. They are also an easy product to give away. You can use a promotional bag as a giveaway item on social media or use it as a gift with a specific purchase amount.

·         Bookbags

·         Canvas totes

·         Duffel bags

·         Laptop cases

·         Drawstring bags

·         Lunch bags

·         Customized Tech Accessories

Tech accessories are very sought-after by students of all ages. Customizing tech accessories to give away for a promotion may sound like an expensive marketing strategy. However, there are several popular items that students want and need but won’t break the bank for your business.

·         USB devices

·         Phone chargers

·         Bluetooth speakers

·         Wireless earbuds

·         Stylus pens

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