Work From Home and Promotional Product Trends

Posted on May 26, 2022 9:48 PM

During the isolating shutdowns brought on by COVID-19, we learned that we can work from home just as well as we can work in an office. Reducing the time spent telecommuting reduces stress and also helps to reduce our carbon footprint. That being said, working from home is now normal for many Americans and employers are trying to figure out the best ways to keep employee morale up and incentivize their teams from afar. It was once easy to gain momentum and keep energy high in the office but many businesses have found this is not as easily done via long distances. 

One way to keep employees motivated and energized from a distance is with promotional products and apparel featuring your company’s branding. Over the last two years, we have seen employees showing positive responses to surprise care packages in the mail. Some businesses sent out essential PPE in care packages during the height of the pandemic. These included everything from hand sanitizer, tissue boxes, disposable gloves, and reusable branded face masks to blankets and calming teas to help reduce stress. Employees immediately felt cared for and appreciated as well as a renewed sense of company pride.

We have also worked with companies looking to connect with remote workers sending out company swag for other reasons including:  

  • Competition – If you want to boost morale and create a more productive work environment running company contests for the most sales or the most work done by the end of the week is a good way to keep up employee morale and make the workday fun. It’s as simple as offering certain promotional products, company swag, or even a surprise promotional product box that will go out to the winning employee. This is a great way to incentivize your employees!
  • Appreciation – Maybe you have an employee who is doing very well and is consistently a top producer who goes beyond their job role. Sending out a gift box with promotional products that show your appreciation not only shows you care and recognize good work but incentivizes other employees to do the best they can while working for your company. 
  • Onboarding – When you first bring on new hires, it’s extremely hard to give them a feel for the company culture when they aren’t in an office setting. Sending them some goodies to aid them in working from home is not only a kind gesture but welcomes them to the team while showcasing your company culture. 
  • Team Building – Sending employees the same items shows that you are bringing them together as a team. Some companies have started doing monthly or quarterly promotional product boxes for their employees. Not only does this help with employee retention and create excitement for the employees while working from home, but studies have shown that it makes them feel like they belong in your company, that the company cares about them, and that they are part of a bigger team.

What Promotional Products Do Work from Home Teams Want?

Now that you know how and why you might want to send your employees working from home promotional products, it’s a question of what kind of company swag should you send them? What’s trending for work-from-home promotional products? 

  • Pens, Highlighters, Etc. – Everyone needs a pen, highlighter, pencil, etc. Even those who work from home keep notes for tasks they’re working on, ideas for projects in the future, and more. Promotional pens and other writing instruments are great for onboarding new employees or simply helping your employees work from home easier. 
  • Notepads – Your employees need somewhere to write down all these ideas! Branded notepads, journals, padfolios, sticky notes, and more are always well-received by existing and new employees. These will go a long way to make them feel like they’re part of a team. 
  • Desktop Essentials – While your employees are working from home, this doesn’t mean they don’t need staplers, tape dispensers, scissors, mousepads, and other desktop essentials. Sending these out not only gives your employees something valuable but reminds them every time they sit down to work that your company cares about them. 
  • Food – Working from home means there are no more office birthdays and other celebrations to look forward to but we all know the afternoon snack time hits even if you’re working from home. Send them a snack box filled with an array of snacks and sweet treats along with an assortment of coffees and teas. This will fill their tummy and their heart – the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, isn’t it?
  • Phone Chargers – Without a doubt, one of the hottest promotional items because everyone needs these and everyone loses them. Phone chargers will be well-received by your employee, their spouse, roommate, and even children. We have several styles to choose from!
  • Computer Accessories – You probably gave your employees a company computer to use while they are working from home. Sending them accessories with the company logo is not only helpful but necessary. Things like computer sleeves, a wireless mouse, earbuds, and more are wonderful ideas for useful promotional products. 
  • Shirts, hats, and other apparel – Whether they’re on a video call or out on the road meeting with clients, and even when they’re off the clock, branded apparel is always a great way to celebrate employees while growing the company’s reach. 

Ensure your employees that are working from home feel part of the business and are motivated to succeed by gifting them with promotional products and apparel featuring your branding. Our local promotional product experts at Fully Promoted will help you curate the items that make sense for your teams and your budget. Call us to schedule a meeting and feel free to start shopping online now.