Wipe away all the germs from holiday shopping with personalized Hand Sanitizer

Posted on December 02, 2011 9:30 PM News, Embroidery

Think about all the time you spend holiday shopping at malls and department stores or even if you haven't started to check off your gift list--the shopping is right around the corner. There is no better time than now to have a supply of personalized Hand Sanitizer around. Great gifts for give-a-ways during the holidays. Fun Fact about germs: everyone has between 10,000-10 million microorganisms that can be found on each one of your hands–can we say ewww! Good thing Fully Promoted offers hand sanitizers to personalize which can kill most of those germs while preventing many illnesses from taking place. Hand Sanitizers are marketed as a great way to wash your hands when you are not around regular soap and water. To effectively use hand sanitizer, place an amount the size of a thumbnail on the palm of your hand and rub this all over both hands entirely, including the nail beds. It is highly recommended that if the gel evaporates entirely in under 15 seconds, then you have not used enough and need to reapply. History: Hand sanitizers were first available in 1946 and the same makers produced Purell hand sanitizer in 1988. At this time the popularity of hand sanitizer began to rise and is now very popular especially with parents who have children. Hand sanitizers work by ridding oil from the outer layer of skin and this typically prevents bacterial already in the body from moving to the surface of your hands. Benefits of hand sanitizer: -portable and convenient as well as quick and easy to use -many times more accessible than a sink is -acts fast to kill microorganisms -faster to wash hands than with soap and water -reduces amount of bacterial found on the hands -can help to slow down redevelopment of bacteria and the spreading of illness
Use hand sanitizer regularly and it will help to lower the amount of germs we are exposed to every day and possibly reduces our chance of illness. Whether you are shopping for holiday gifts this season, eating at a restaurant, playing at the park or even just from working at the office and sharing a computer and/or phone--it is very important to always have hand sanitizer available for use. It is a very simple step to keeping yourself healthy especially during this holiday season (no one wants to be sick during the holidays so be cautious). Visit your local Fully Promoted store to get a quote on personalized Hand Sanitizers for you and your family, friends, clients or even your employees! They make great gifts for the holidays and can be used all year round to give at tradeshows or as give-a-ways.