Why You Should Shop Local

Posted on April 06, 2020 2:08 PM General

If the current times are challenging for consumers, they are mega-challenging for retailers. And local businesses, most of which are family-owned and on the smaller side, are especially challenged. There’s no doubt that sales for small local businesses will take a massive hit now and for the next few months due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). But you can help these members of your community – and your community as a whole – by making a concerted effort to shop by phone or on their websites as opposed to ordering from a major online retailer. After all, these are your neighbors. 

Below are some reasons shopping at local businesses matters to your community. 

·        Helps Keep Money Flowing in Your Community

When you spend money at local stores, you act as an economic stimulus for your neighborhood. Research shows that most of the money spent in a community stays within it, as store owners tend to buy supplies and use the services of local workers and businesses. 

·        You Increase the Community’s Tax Base and Local Government Services

Shopping locally builds the tax base that is used to serve community members. Small businesses pay much of the local taxes that are used by local governments to provide infrastructures – such as roads and parks. These taxes also provide schools and vital educational programming that benefits you, your friends and your family.

·        You are Creating Jobs Within Your Community

Research has also shown that for the past 50 years, most of the jobs in the United States have been created by small business owners.

·        You Receive More Personal Service

Because your business is vital to a local merchants’ success, its value is at the core of how you as a customer are treated. You aren’t part of an anonymous crowd of customers so local business employees see you and take the time to talk with you about your purchases and which are appropriate for your individual needs.  

·        Less of Your Time is Spent Waiting for Products and Services

Chances are good that you will receive what you need from your local merchant sooner than ordering it online from an out of town vendor. You can call or email to get a quote and even order online with your local store and get delivery or drive-up service during this time of social distancing.

·        It’s Eco-friendly Shopping

When you purchase locally, there are no extra packaging materials needed to mail merchandise and you aren’t putting extra pressure on the long-distance transportation system in the shopping process.

·        You Access More Unique Products

Small businesses often create products that large businesses don’t find profitable to manufacture in large quantities. You are also more likely to find products that are particularly relevant to your lifestyle right where you live, and food items purchased locally will probably be fresher.

·        You Support the Local Non-profit Community

Research has shown that local businesses provide significantly more support for non-profits in their neighborhoods than non-local businesses.

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