Uniforms & Workwear That Are Up for the Job

Posted on January 25, 2022 7:53 AM

Is your business returning to the office? It might be time to refresh your existing uniform.  Maybe your organization doesn’t have a uniform or branded workwear, but it’s something you have been considering. Here are our top uniform and apparel ideas to outfit your entire team all year round and how to establish an online company store that makes it easy for them to order the workwear they need when they need it. 

Online Uniforms Ordering Made Easy With a Company Store

With an online company store created by Fully Promoted, the initiative to coordinate the selection, production, and administration of branded apparel for an organization is made simple. We launch a custom online store featuring all of the branded products you have approved and then your employees, students, customers, and prospects can shop ‘til they drop 24/7 at their convenience. Fully Promoted will process and fulfill all of the orders – you don’t have to lift a finger. Our company stores help administrators overcome the pain points of inventorying large quantity orders and reorders, alleviate the stress of manual reporting, and help users securely purchase their apparel needs.

Branded Uniforms & Workwear Make Sense

When successfully executed, a branded apparel program helps increase your brand visibility and can integrate with employee engagement and incentive initiatives, too. 

While uniform and workwear apparel needs vary from industry to industry, you can still integrate current fashion trends into the apparel selected for your business sending a clear message that you are a modern company. With so many people having worked remotely over the last couple of years, there is an increased value in comfort when it comes to selecting clothing for work. You can create a selection of workwear and uniforms that integrate style and comfort alongside your company’s branding.

There are many reasons why updating your uniform to keep on top of current fashion trends can be a benefit for you and your staff. For example, a good and fashionable uniform can:

- Help you stand out more to customers or clients and can differentiate you from your competitors.
- Make your company look fresh, current, and relevant, creating the idea that you’re leading the competition and not stuck behind it.
- Show you have your eye on the ball when it comes to the latest business trends, demonstrating that you’re observant, reactive, and move with the times.
- Keep your brand in people’s minds and keep your company interesting to your regular customers.
- Let your staff feel fashionable in the workplace while injecting some excitement back into their jobs, helping them feel more fired up to perform better.

As you select workwear and uniforms for your company store, we remind you to consider seasonal wear that is appropriate for your area like jackets, sweaters, scarves, and gloves when picking out options for your store. One of the easiest, and often overlooked, ways to move between seasons is to change the color palettes within your wardrobe choices. In spring and summer, bright colors, whites, and pastels are great but come fall and winter, you may want something softer and darker. This also translates to fabrics – lightweight pants and breathable polos work great for the summer, whereas your winter options might be warmer and long-sleeved. 

Is your business Fully Promoted? Let our local experts help you get your company store started and fully stocked with branded uniforms and workwear that will help you stand out while keeping your staff comfortable and fashionable. To start shopping now, visit us online