Trends in Corporate Workwear to Watch in 2022

Posted on January 10, 2022 1:45 PM

In some sectors, such as fire, police, and military, uniforms have long been a staple but many other industries wear uniforms – including corporate fashion designed for specific professional sectors that are more fashionable and in step with today's styles and trends. According to a survey from Cotton Incorporated, the number of consumers who say they’re primarily shopping for comfort increased from 63% in 2020 to 74% in 2021. As lockdowns have been lifted and offices have reopened, consumers have reemerged with comfort and movement a top priority and the return to the office has been marked by even further adoption of business comfort attire for many. 

Fully Promoted specializes in branded apparel for businesses from corporate workwear to high visibility uniforms and more. We have researched recent trends in the corporate workwear space including fashion-forward items, an emphasis on sustainability, and niche segments. 

Moving to Corporate Fashion

In the last few years, there has been a shift in the uniform sector to include, "Corporate Wear" or lines of uniforms that look just like regular clothes that are fashionable, produced of high-quality fabrics that are comfortable to work in. By making corporate workwear more stylish – such as a cool puffer vest you can layer over a striped tee for cooler weather, fashion-forward chinos, or tailored blouses and slacks, employees will feel comfortable without feeling like they have compromised a fashionable aesthetic. 

With the ongoing pandemic continuing to impact what office life looks like in 2022; whether it’s a full return to the office, remote work, or a combination of the two, companies are embracing comfort, practicality, and style as they promote a “smart casual” look for their employees. One thing you’ll notice about brands that pull off this strategy well is the corporate logo is subtly applied. Go even further and think about how custom detailing and corporate logo embellishment – whether it be embroidered or printed direct to the garment – could work for you. 

Focusing on Sustainability

With a new generation of younger, more socially conscious employees joining the workforce, organizations are becoming more aware of how they can – and should – contribute to a more sustainable production and supply chain.

Did you know that every second an equivalent of one garbage truck full of textiles is landfilled or burned? One of the ways we can reduce waste is by using recycled materials. 

Another approach is to produce fewer garments by knowing the exact measurement of their users and the exact amount needed. This means companies only order what they need and there's no excess inventory that gets dumped. 

Specialty/Niche Segments

Some uniform and garment companies are finding success in creating workwear for niche segments – such as uniforms for the medical industry or creating a line of fashionable separates for corporate wear that can be branded.

With industries such as travel and hospitality, medical, private security, and education, branded wear can make a huge impact not only amongst employees but also the consumers and patrons that visit these businesses. First impressions are important and having branded workwear promotes an image of professionalism and consistency.    

Whatever the future holds for corporate workwear, the prevailing custom of dressing down for work will be little changed, and the comfort-first aesthetic we’ve come to know and love will become even more standard for the office. At Fully Promoted, we can help your business adopt new branded corporate workwear styles by providing samples for your review and setting up an online company store to make it easy for your employees to order and receive their selected items. When you’re ready to set up your corporate workwear program, call your local Fully Promoted or shop online at your convenience 24/7.