Trending Promotional Tech Products that Stand Out

Posted on July 11, 2017 12:05 AM General, Embroidery

Technology is a driving force behind businesses, but it also plays a huge role in the lives of consumers. Technology is in such high demand because it is useful for everyone. From mobile accessories to computer products, you can help your customers, business associates, employees or volunteers get through the day. Not only are promotional tech products sure to be appreciated, you will also be strengthening your brand awareness and boosting company morale, as well. Here are five trending promotional tech products to help your business stand out in your industry while staying on the cutting edge of today's technology.Wireless Earbuds

A trend started by Apple™, wireless earbuds are making their way into the promotional products industry fairly quickly. Wireless earbuds offer a convenient way to listen to music as well as making phone calls, as they are equipped with a built-in microphone. They can be a great giveaway to virtually anyone, from customers to business partners and volunteers.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers aren't just for gym-goers. These handy gadgets are popular promotional tech products because they have a variety of different functions. Many fitness trackers act as a pedometer, calorie counter, alarm clock, message display and sleep monitoring tool, all in one convenient wristband. With so many functions and abilities, fitness trackers are popular among today's multi-tasking consumer. These can also be great gifts for employees, as well.

Credit Card USB

If you're looking for a promotional product that provides convenience and accessibility, credit card USB drives might be it. This item allows you to transport, share and backup files with ease, and with its slim credit-card shaped design, it can easily fit inside of any wallet or in your pocket. This item is great for brands because it showcases your logo or other branding message clearly and on a relatively large area. This is a perfect giveaway for business associates, prospective business partners and employees.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual reality is becoming a popular marketing tool for many businesses, and consumers are becoming more and more intrigued with the idea, making this a trending promotional item. Virtual reality glasses offer a lightweight and portable option for experiencing the world of virtual reality. Your customers can enjoy 3-D games, movies and more with branded virtual reality glasses. Your brand will also be seen as a leader in the tech industry which can attract more prospective customers.

Branded Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are the ultimate smartphone accessory for today's consumer. Your brand will be taken along on your customer's adventures, increasing brand exposure. With branded selfie sticks, there is no where your brand can't go, and consumers will appreciate the kind gesture. This item makes taking pictures with smartphones so much easier, and is not just for taking "selfies."

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