Top Wearable Promotional Products for Any Brand

Posted on March 27, 2018 12:04 AM General, Embroidery

Top Wearable Promotional Products

Wearable promotional products give your organization an easy way to increase brand exposure and awareness, there's just one catch: consumers have to want to wear them. Different types of businesses have different ways of marketing their organization, but there are many wearable promotional products that are effective regardless of the industry your business is in. Below are some of our choices for top wearable promotional products that any organization can take advantage of. 

Fitness Trackers

Technology has become integrated into our everyday lives more than ever before. A prime example of this is the use of wearable fitness trackers. These wearable promotional products give consumers the ability to track a variety of fitness metrics at any given time throughout the day. Since fitness trackers are worn like watches, they don't get in the way and can be worn just about anywhere, making them an effective and well-liked promotional product for consumers.


Custom earbuds are popular tech accessories that are useful, and they are in high demand among many consumers. Most people spend a fairly large portion of their days listening to music, whether they're at work, at the gym, commuting to work, traveling or at home. Earbuds also tend to go missing quite often, so it's never a bad idea to offer this as a promotional product to your customers. Even if they currently have a pair, they will appreciate having another to keep on hand, reminding them of your brand every time they use them.

Silicone Bracelets

For cost-efficient promotional products that consumers can wear, customized silicone bracelets are great for organizations who need promotional gear on a budget. Whether you're participating in a tradeshow, sponsoring a community event or need products to give away in your store, silicone bracelets are suitable for any brand. Since you want to make sure consumers wear them, make sure you customize them so they appeal to your customers while still showcasing your business or organization. This item tends to work best when customized in support of a philanthropic cause, such as a charity or fundraiser.

Baseball Caps

Custom baseball caps are useful and practical, and they are worn by both men and women in a variety of settings. Custom baseball caps with your logo can help increase brand exposure and awareness when worn during outdoor activities or as a casual accessory while running errands around town. If you're looking for a promotional product that your customers will constantly be reaching to put on, you can't go wrong with baseball caps.

Quality T-shirts

Custom apparel is highly sought after by businesses when it comes to promotional marketing and for good reason. Consumers tend to keep branded t-shirts for months or even years after they receive them. With something that is kept this long, you can be sure it is getting worn and seen by countless others. To ensure your customers will want to wear your branded t-shirts, make sure the fabric is comfortable and the design is appealing to your target audience.

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