Top Trends in Eco-Friendly Promotional Products 

Posted on April 08, 2020 1:40 PM General

Consumers’ current preference for sustainable and useful products continues to grow – a phenomenon that provides plenty of new and effective opportunities in brand marketing. When you align your brand with these values through the use of the newest eco-friendly promotional products, you show customers and prospects that your brand is responsible and in sync with their priorities.

With Earth Day 2020 set for April 22, there’s never been a better opportunity to launch a campaign that highlights your brand most thoughtfully and innovatively. The benefit of doing this year-round is that you can continue to show your commitment to sustainability and stay top-of-mind with branded eco-friendly products that are the most popular and in demand.

Top Trends in Eco-Friendly Branded Promotional Products

  • Pens Made from Sustainable Materials and Customized with Your Logo – This new take on an always needed product makes a big statement in a highly cost-effective way. They typically come in biodegradable cardboard and have clips made from bamboo. 
  • Branded Journals and Notebooks Made from Sustainable Materials – Your logo prominently displayed on notebooks made from recycled materials is a frequent reminder of your brand in a useful and responsible manner. Choose from biodegradable cardboard options and filler paper with lines imprinted from soy ink. There are also options to include pens made from sustainable materials and sticky notes.
  • Branded Recycled Silicone Wristbands – These highly visible and colorful accessories are wildly popular now, especially for brands that want to show their support for a cause.
  • Tote Bags with Your Logo – Now more than ever, people covet these to use over and over again – each time noting that your brand has provided them with something useful and eco-friendly. Some of these are specially manufactured to easily fit and stay open in a grocery cart. Available in virtually all colors, you can also double down on the environmental message by choosing totes made from recycled materials.
  • Branded Clothing Made from Sustainable or Recyclable Materials – Whether you are looking to make a statement with employee apparel or offer this premium perk to customers and prospects (or both), branded clothing made from eco-friendly materials always highlight professionalism. Hats, jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos and more are available to broadcast this message for your brand in a big way.
  • Branded Hemp and Bamboo Cookware and Dining Sets – Considered the cutting edge in branded promotional products, these are stand-outs with customers and prospects. You can choose from sturdy dishes, cutting boards, casserole pans, and cups that are made from plants that easily substitute for artificial materials. 
  • Branded S’well® Water Bottles – These are well-known as being the best replacement for plastic water bottles. They accommodate both hot and cold drinks and highlight your brand over and over again as they are typically used daily.

Your Local Fully Promoted Has On-Trend Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

When you partner with Fully Promoted, our local promotional product experts are available to recommend the best eco-friendly products to meet your budget as well as your goals. Because our teams are experienced in working with businesses across a wide array of industries, we can offer you one-on-one guidance. Our specialty is adding your logo to just about anything you can dream up so let us show you some options and come up with the best plan for getting your brand front and center in an eco-friendly manner.