Top 4 Fitness Giveaways for 2017

Posted on January 06, 2017 5:06 PM General, Embroidery

'Tis the season for New Year's Resolutions-which means up to 30% of Americans will be making some kind of commitment to losing weight. Thanks to CrossFit and a variety of exciting new exercise trend, the New Year's crowd will be joining a much larger trend towards health and fitness in 2017. Regardless of your brand or industry, fitness giveaways can be a home run that communicate a more health-minded, conscientious and forward-thinking brand image. So today we're going to look at three of the most popular giveaway products-and how you can implement them for your business ... Top Fitness Giveaway #1: Custom Wearables Imagine your customer walking into the boardroom for a big meeting. He's looking healthier than he has in years, and on his wrist there's a Fitbit with your brand and colors. The Fitbit inspires a conversation, and a few hours later you're on the phone with a dozen wealthy clients. Wearable technology is one of the hottest new trends for 2017, and the marketing potential behind it is practically explosive. If your company can find a use for wearables-perhaps by offering them to VIP's or as part of a special program or raffle-then you shouldn't be missing the opportunity. The technology is relatively affordable, but the perceived value on one of these is through the roof for most clients. Top Fitness Giveaway #2: Bluetooth Speakers Bluetooth speakers are another fitness-oriented gift that won't really break the bank. With so many shapes, sizes, colors and types available, you can find custom speakers (at an affordable price) for practically any application. Offer them at special events or trade shows to set yourself apart from the competition. You can also offer them to employees as a token of appreciation. Bluetooth speakers are substantially more affordable than custom wearables, while offering nearly the same "wow" factor. Customers will remember your brand every time they go to crank up the music during their workout. Top Fitness Giveaway #3: Shaker Bottles As we've mentioned in other articles, drinkware is one of the most preferred promotional items across a number of demographics. And if you want to keep your brand's message fitness-specific, then shaker bottles are the perfect solution. They're durable, practical and they can be used at any time of the dayâ€"making them an ideal, ongoing source of brand exposure. You can give them to employees for health awareness month, or share with customers at special events and trade shows for a positive and lasting boost in brand image. Top Fitness Giveaway #4: The Classics Last but not least, you can't forget classic fitness giveaways, such as promotional headbands, wristbands, t-shirts and athletic shorts. These kinds of offerings might seem "boring," but they're common because they're cost-effective and people love them. One recent study indicates performance wear as one of the most popular promotional products in America. Where a custom wearable might make one person's day, you might be able to reach five, ten or twenty customers at the same price with t-shirts or towels. It's all a question of your, brand's goals and your application. Schedule Your Fitness Giveaways Today! Put your business ahead of the curve and get everything you need for your fitness promotions at Fully Promoted, America's largest retail embroidery and promotional product franchise! With 300 resource centers all over the country, our marketing experts can provide suggestions and help you develop a special offering that fits your company's needs and expectations.