Tips for Effective Promotion of Your Workplace Safety Program

Posted on June 25, 2021 3:58 PM

Showcase your commitment to workplace safety this National Safety Month and all year long with giveaways and promotional items designed to remind employees of the importance of workplace safety. Incentivize safe workplace practices while showcasing your commitment to your employees’ safety. Get our tips for creating effective workplace safety promotions along with our top promotional product picks.

Tips to Make Your Workplace Safety Program a Success

Ensuring workplace safety should be a priority for every business owner. Protecting employees and customers alike is essential for many reasons. However, many businesses struggle with promoting workplace safety. We have gathered a few tips for effectively promoting your workplace safety program:

1.      Incentivize employees with giveaways and desirable prizes 
Offering weekly, monthly, or even spontaneous rewards for complying with workplace safety protocols is a great way to motivate your staff. Whether you would like to have monthly giveaways or recognize employees spontaneously, many promotional products make fantastic incentives and rewards. 

2.      Showcase your commitment to workplace safety

Printing your brand on safety gear and promotional products communicates to your employees and patrons that you care about workplace safety. Having uniform safety tools customized with your logo can help project a positive brand identity in addition to helping your employees. 

3.      Equip Employees

The best way to promote workplace safety is to take a proactive approach. Being proactive entails employees having the right resources to protect themselves. By equipping your staff with protective gear, tools, and apparel, you are increasing their ability to follow safety protocols. 

Top Promotional Products for Workplace Safety Programs

Protective gear, apparel, and tools make fantastic workplace safety promotional items and keep employees safer too! Not sure which promotional products are needed and wanted by your employees? Look below at the top workplace safety promotional products:

1.      Protective gear

For many industries, protective gear is essential to ensuring workplace safety. Several promotional products offer your employees as much safety as they do incentive to be safe, including:

2.      Tools

Some employees may struggle to afford the equipment; others may not find them necessary. By providing employees with promotional safety tools they need to practice safety and wellness, employers can increase the chances of safety compliance while promoting their safety program. Popular promotional safety tools include:

3.      Customized apparel

Customized clothing is not only popular, but also a great promotional tool for your workplace safety program. There are countless personalization options, making it easy to print your logo or even a safety slogan. From workplace safety program shirts to protective apparel that keeps employees dry, visible, and safe, customized apparel is a great safety program promotional product. There are many options, including:

4.      Gifts, giveaways, and incentives

In addition to providing employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs safely, incentivizing and rewarding employees for participating in workplace safety is also essential. Many popular promotional products make fantastic workplace safety gifts, giveaways, and incentives. You can host giveaways or acknowledgment ceremonies as often as you would like. Here are a few examples of excellent workplace safety incentives and giveaway products:

Here at Fully Promoted, we know how important workplace safety is firsthand. Our teams of local experts can help you select the perfect incentives and gear to help promote your workplace safety program. Let us work together to keep your team safe!