Tips for A Successful Store in 2019

Posted on December 26, 2018 12:10 AM General

Looking Back at Store Expectations

As 2019 creeps closer, many store owners are evaluating how the past year's performance. Did their store meet expectations in sales, customer service and new business? Heading into the new year, there are a few tips and tricks from successful stores around the country about how they stay successful year after year.

Networking Makes for Stronger Business Ties

Many of us learned from a young age that it is all about "who you know" instead of always "what you know." That especially applies to business, where making connections and networking is key. For small business owners, connecting with the right people can help build a growing hobby to a thriving business. There are a number of ways to network outside the four walls of your business. Join a local networking group such as the Chamber of Commerce, where you can connect with other small business owners, who are not only trying to expand their brand but also trying to connect with the local community. BNI groups provide perfect opportunities to connect with like-minded business owners who can help offer marketing tips and solutions as well as serve as potential clients. Make sure to attend as many after-hour networking groups as possible. The minimal effort will pay off in the long run with the contacts that your store can make, either through prospective clients or others that can help to expand your business with marketing ideas you would maybe have otherwise not have thought of. Networking can extend beyond reviews and in-store interactions. Become involved in the community with local charity and non-profit events. Is your town hosting a Relay for Life? Try sponsoring a vendor table or handing out branded giveaways. Any chance to be more involved in the community will strengthen your ties with potential clients.

Customer Service is Key

"Success starts at home" – or at least it starts at the store itself. If clients are not happy with your products and service, then there is no path for a successful store. Clients are the basis of any business and great customer service is the key. Focusing on customer service starts with making sure your sales reps and staff are being friendly and courteous to the clients from the first hello to the final sale. First impressions go a long way and will make for better reviews on social media sites as well as through word of mouth. After the customer receives their invoice, make sure to follow-up with an email asking how their service was. Not only will this provide feedback for internal use, but you can then ask for the customer to provide a review, boosting your online presence.


Social Media Tips and Tricks

An easy way to promote your store and your marketing efforts is through social and digital media. Daily posts ranging from images and videos to blogs can be combined with local content to create a wide range of engaging material for your followers. Customized content such as specials and client projects will add to user engagement and interaction. Email campaigns are another way to combine social media efforts with the grassroots marketing done in-store. Segment contacts into groups based on industry for more targeted email campaigns. This will make sure that the correct information is getting to the users that are looking for it.

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