Tips and Tricks for a Website Redesign

Posted on December 07, 2018 12:13 AM General, Embroidery

Redesigning a Website Doesn't Need to be Scary

Every so often, your company website may need a little facelift. Whether that be due to a company rebrand or just a change in the times, a website redesign doesn't need to be a scary undertaking. Changing with the times is an essential part of marketing today in order to keep up with updates in technology and trends.

Starting Off a Website Redesign

When looking to redesign, start off by analyzing the current website. See what is working for your company and what isn't. You can take the parts that you like and incorporate them into the redesign process, while noting problems you want to avoid. Enhancing the functionality of the website will allow your business to focus on key metrics such as collecting customer information, promoting sales or providing valuable content. Knowing what your company goals are will provide for a more productive website redesign and will lead to more sales and conversions in the long-run.

Website Redesign Tips and Tricks

If the company is not going through a complete rebrand, there is no need to change everything about the website. As mentioned, it might just need a facelift to keep up with evolving trends and technology. Have a brainstorm session to see what the brand likes about the site—is it the color scheme, the logo, the photographs and content? Now it is time to decide what the brand wants to keep throughout the website redesign process and what should be changed. Helpful hint: make a list of everything the company likes and dislikes about the current website, then add goals to that list such as an easier user-experience, more content or faster load time.

Things to Consider

A well-thought-out website makes all the difference when it come to user-experience. Consider utilizing custom images as opposed to stock photos to create eye-catching pages that will keep customers engaged. Does your company send out a monthly newsletter or have interns that write news content? Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive content to a site, so why not incorporate a blog section into the redesigned website? This content can then be shared on social media to engage with followers. Lastly, don't forget to make sure that the redesigned website is mobile friendly. This will help your site's rankings on Google and will also allow more people to engage with the site as most customers use their mobile devices more often than a desktop.

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