Stay Warm with Embroidered Fleece Jackets

Posted on December 14, 2018 12:10 AM General, Embroidery

Wear Your Fleece Proudly

How many fleece jackets do you have in your closet? Most likely, you have more than one. But how many are custom embroidered? If they are embroidered is it one of your favorites? We all like wearing items promoting special causes and companies we support. Fully Promoted can jazz up any fleece apparel item to promote your company or special cause.

A Fleece for all Climates

We all know fleece is different for someone in Chicago versus someone in Miami. Fully Promoted can personalize light or heavy fleece with your company logo, regardless of where you reside. Fleece just looks better (and works for you better) if it has an embroidered logo of your company or special cause. We tend to wear it more often and are proud to show our support. What about our work environments? Many of us freeze in our work space all year long, so why not give your employees an embroidered fleece to drape on their chair in response to those temperature swings?

Safety First – Enhanced-Visibility Fleece

Don't forget our first responders or other workers who are exposed to the elements in their line of work. Fully Promoted can provide logoed fleece with reflective taping to keep workers visible and safe on the job, while also providing warmth and protection from Mother Nature. Employees that work outdoors during the winter months will thank you for providing them with comfort while you enjoy brand recognition.

Dress Your Kids Too

Nothing is more precious than your little "mini me" decked out in a cute fleece embroidered with your company logo. Kids emulate their parents and enjoy wearing a matching uniform with mom or dad. When ordering fleece for your employees, why not throw in a couple of children's jackets too? Kids can work a jacket and also possible sales. Snap a photo of both of you and display proudly at your desk or on your social media page.

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