Show Off Promotional Items at Your Custom Holiday Party

Posted on October 17, 2018 12:09 AM News, General, Embroidery

Custom Holiday Party

Welcome your friends, employees and customers to your custom holiday party this year with Fully Promoted items. Hang a large banner to show off your logo and display your holiday message. Don't be afraid to mix it up. Embrace a theme and find products that match– all customized with your company logo. For example, it could be fun for a company in a sunny part of the world to have Christmas beach balls along with branded beach tote bags on display. All these items can double as décor as well as promotional giveaways.

Display Tables

Don't forget to dress up the tables at your next holiday party. Leave the same old boring holiday-themed decorations in the closet. Decorate with some catchy items from Fully Promoted such as holiday dessert assortments or customized bottles of wine. Logoed mugs and cups are always in season for your employees and customers to enjoy. Cover the chairs with branded fleece jackets and you will have all your guests excited for the cool weather and holiday season.

Swag Bags

Swag bags are the best part of a lot of events throughout the year. Display and distribute customized and reusable bags filled with trending gadgets. Include a hat, shirt or mouse pad, and top it off with some candy or mints with your company logo. Provide some of these bags as well to your sales reps to give to your customers during the holiday season.

Honor Your Hard-Working Employees

We all like to be valued and recognized for our achievements in the workplace. At your upcoming holiday party, present some awards or special items to your employees who have hit recent milestones. Fully Promoted can add your company logo to trophies, plaques and even to jewelry for those special employees.

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