Safety Swag: Ideas to Celebrate National Safety Month

Posted on May 28, 2020 8:44 PM

With health and safety practices already top of mind as we celebrate National Safety Month in June, many business leaders and their employees have a better understanding than ever before about the importance of a safe workplace. 

As businesses take their employees’ safety to the next level, most also see the advantages of leveraging this opportunity to launch a company-wide culture of safety to achieve several goals; like better protect themselves from the negative financial consequences of on-the-job injuries and associate their brand with responsible, intelligent, and mindful behavior. 

Considering the current “safety first climate”, now is a great time to create and/or celebrate your company-wide safe culture. And there is no better way to highlight this important initiative than to outfit your employees with custom branded safety apparel and other safety materials. 

It’s easy to make these safety swag items the star of your safety celebrations and to keep them working for your brand year-round as a reminder to your employees, customers, and everyone else who sees them that your business understands the importance of operating safely. Perfect giveaways at employee onboarding sessions, safety-oriented events, education sessions, and inspections, safety swag comes in many attention-grabbing, high-quality items you will want to consider.

·         Hand Sanitizer – Providing branded hand sanitizer bottles to employees and customers sends a clear message about the importance your business places on safety.

·         Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Whether your team needs gloves, eye protection such as goggles, face masks or full face shields, providing these is important for their health and well-being and will be greatly appreciated by your employees, improving their loyalty to your business. Several styles are available to choose from.

·         Safety Uniforms – If your business is one of the industries that require safety uniforms to meet Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations as an added safety measure, you have a great opportunity to show your compliance by branding these with your business’s logo. Doing this helps you achieve your safety goals while taking full advantage of optimum visibility for your brand in ways that inspire trust – both from employees and customers.

·         Traditional Uniforms and Workwear – If your staff wears protective gear, such as long-sleeved shirts, jackets, and pants, brand them with your logo to receive maximum exposure and keep your employees safe.

·         Safety Equipment – Choose from goggles, glasses, tools, first aid kits, and more to have your brand visible everywhere it works.

·         High Visibility Jackets – Waterproof, water-resistant, softshell, cotton drill, and more, your brand will get noticed as these jackets are worn often in cold and rainy weather.

·         High Visibility Hoodies and Sweats – Available in a variety of bright colors, choose from fleece, softshell, and polar fabrics.

·         High Visibility Polos – With several options, including long-sleeve, short-sleeve, cuff, and no-cuff, these lightweight yet hardworking shirts stand out as great safety wear. 

·         High Visibility Vests – Send the message that your brand means safety to all who see staff in high-visibility vests available in fleece, full-zip, puffer-style, reversible and more.

·         High Visibility Shirts – These top-quality long-sleeved tops can be seen from a distance, so your brand and staff are always visible.

·         T-Shirts and Tank Tops – Budget-friendly and available in a wide range of materials and colors – including reflective features, all will see your brand in these high visibility tops.

Fully Promoted Will Help You Keep the Spotlight on Safety

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