Reward Your Customers with Loyalty Perks

Posted on June 16, 2017 12:10 AM General, Embroidery

Studies show it costs a lot more money to gain a new customer versus retaining an existing one. Along with a marketing plan to get more customers in your doors, you should also integrate a loyalty perks program that rewards and encourages longer lasting relationships with your current customers. From airlines to restaurants, clothing brands and everywhere in between, companies across many industries are finding value in offering customer loyalty perks. Fully Promoted explains some of the motivating factors as to why your company would greatly benefit from investing in a customer loyalty perks program.Loyalty Perks Strengthen Customer Retention

Offering a rewards system that is relevant to your audience can help strengthen customer retention. People will see the value in staying loyal with a company if the perks speak to them. Many companies offer loyalty perks that have a monetary value, while others offer special treatment perks that personalize their shopping experience or give them faster, hassle-free service. Loyalty perks that are of interest and are easy to earn will help keep your customers coming back.

Develop Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Loyalty perks help establish a longer-lasting relationship between your company and customers. Rewarding customers for repeat business, new referrals and social media shares will show customers that your company values them. Part of a loyalty perks program could include occasional free gifts, such as branded promotional products, to show customers that you are thinking of them. Loyalty perks that offer long-term benefits for the customer, such as a restaurant offering a free entrée after three visits, will serve your company well financially while also keeping your brand top-of-mind with consumers. Other ways to keep customers loyal to your brand is to keep them engaged across all channels, such as in-store, on your website, and across social media channels.

Loyalty Perks can be a Driving Force Behind Acquiring New Customers

Many customers will pick a certain company because of their loyalty perks program. If your company offers loyalty benefits compared to companies without, then you have a competitive edge. For example, credit card companies are increasingly competitive with their loyalty perks programs, and customers judge which program will give them the most bang for their buck before signing on the dotted line.

Reward Your Customers with the Guidance of an Fully Promoted Specialist

Developing a marketing plan that gets new customers and keeps current ones coming back can require a substantial amount of time, money and effort. For help designing and implementing marketing plans that reward your customers, contact the specialists at Fully Promoted. Fully Promoted has a wealth of experience in many areas of marketing and brand promotion. Fully Promoted offers printing, digital marketing and lead generation services designed to help all kinds of businesses reach their marketing goals.