Represent Your Fraternity or Sorority with Custom Greek Gear

Posted on July 24, 2017 12:04 AM General, Embroidery

From rush week to formals and every event on the Greek life calendar, fraternities and sororities have custom Greek gear and apparel for all kinds of occasions. However, representing one's chapter does not end with clothing, as many students customize their dorm rooms, cars and school supplies, as well. Fully Promoted offers custom Greek gear and promotional products so you can show your Greek pride at every event. Here are some must-have products for representing your fraternity or sorority in style.The Classic Greek Letter T-Shirt

Every sorority and fraternity member must have their chapter's Greek lettered t-shirt. Perfect for every event, the Greek lettered t-shirt is the epitome of Greek life, so it would be wise to stock up on this item. Fully Promoted offers custom screen-printing and direct-to-garment printing for seamless lettering and logos on a variety of t-shirt and clothing materials.

Embroidered Custom Greek Tote Bag

If you have run out of your Greek organization's embroidered clothing, then represent your chapter on-the-go with a custom tote bag. Store your books and laptop in a tote bag that is embroidered with your Greek organization's colors, logo and lettering.

Fraternity and Sorority Car Window Decals

No matter where you go, represent your fraternity or sorority with custom Greek decals that will last long after your college career. You can also go one step further and customize your car with a custom Greek license plate frame.

Greek Banners, Flags and Signs

Decorate your fraternity house, sorority house or your dorm room with custom logo on banners, flags and signs. Hang your fraternity or sorority's brand at special events, fundraisers and throughout Greek Week to show off your chapter's pride in the organization and increase pledges. Plus, custom Greek banners and signs will set the perfect background for photos.

Go To Fully Promoted for Custom Greek Gear

Before your next Greek life event, make sure you and your brothers or sisters are representing your chapter in custom Greek gear. Go to your local Fully Promoted resource center for custom embroidery, direct-to-garment and screen-printing on all types of materials and products so you can represent your organization. Fully Promoted specialists are ready to help you commemorate your Greek life events.