Promotional Strategies to Grow Sales for Your Construction Company

Posted on July 13, 2021 6:13 PM

Let’s face it, 2020 was a rough year for a lot of industries. However, with people back on the move and paused projects getting started again, we developed our list of the top 10 promotional strategies you can put to work today to grow the sales of your construction firm. From uniforms to safety gear, and more, we’ve got tips to help you reach new customers, keep employees safe, and your company moving forward and growing. 

Top Ten Strategies for Promoting a Construction Business

1.      Have a strong online presence

As a result of the pandemic, having a solid online presence is more important than ever for businesses. For a construction business, a well-built website is key to showing potential clients your portfolio of past projects and sharing client testimonials. Construction businesses must have a strong online presence to garner attention and keep up with competitors.

2.      Garner new attention from your social media audience

As we stated, having a strong online presence is essential for every business, especially those that do not offer customers a traditional storefront experience. Social media gives consumers a chance to see your work and brand in the real world. Not sure how to revamp your social media presence? You can attract new attention from current and new followers by hosting a giveaway on social media. You do not need to give away an expensive product or service. Branded promotional products make fantastic giveaways that do not break the bank – ask followers to vote on their favorite finishes for a current project you’re working on and then enter each voter in a raffle.

3.      Share knowledge

Attracting potential clients to your website or social media accounts can be tricky. One great tactic is to share information. From hosting a webinar or an on-site career fest to creating a FAQ page on your website or uploading informational tutorials or videos, there are many ways you can use your expertise to position your construction firm as the go-to business in your area. Additionally, sharing knowledge demonstrates your proficiency and generosity with potential customers. 

4.      Build relationships with related businesses

Successful businesses understand the power of referrals. Networking and building good relationships with related companies (not competitors) is vital for acquiring referrals. Not sure how to get started? Routinely reach out, meet up for lunch, or even send promotional gifts (i.e., reusable water bottles, pens, t-shirts, hats, etc.) to your contacts at these other businesses to help keep your business top of mind.

5.      Utilize SEO 

Your construction firm could utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizations to attract more traffic to your website and build your audience. 

6.      Incorporate employee uniforms

Did you know employees can be one of your best promotional tools? When employees wear apparel with your logo, they become brand ambassadors for your business everywhere they go. From the office staff to the construction workers, asking employees to wear uniforms also provides your brand with a polished look. 

7.      Brand vehicles and equipment

Construction businesses can turn company vehicles and equipment into tools for brand awareness. Advertising a construction company has its challenges. However, by putting your company logo on your equipment and gear, you become a standing testimonial to the services you offer by maximizing equipment you already have.

8.      Thank clients for their business

Leaving a lasting favorable impression of your business requires more than providing good work. Customer relations are just as important. A great way to finalize a sale is to thank clients for your business. A handwritten note along with a client appreciation basket can go a very long way and help you build long-lasting relationships with your clients. You will be surprised how far something simple like a pen or water bottle can go to reinforce your brand with a customer.

9.      Provide branded safety gear 

From logoed protective headwear to high-visibility vests and other safety apparel, providing employees with safety gear is proactive and a great promotional tool. In addition to protecting employees, you also project positivity around your brand by providing your staff with gear to keep them safe.

10.  Giveaways and gifts

You may be surprised to learn that branded promotional products are extraordinarily successful at getting your contact information out in addition to improving the brand awareness of your construction business. High-visibility items such as pens, outerwear, and hats can receive thousands of impressions annually. A Tote bag will make about 6,000 impressions a year! 

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