Promotional Products Facts | Why They Work |

Posted on September 26, 2016 4:29 PM News, General, Embroidery

At Fully Promoted, we want you to not only reach the largest target audience possible, but to capture that audience. Promotional products are a great way to get prospective customers interested in your business and have them show off your brand by using your promotional items, keeping you to- o- mind and introducing you to people around them. As an informed decision maker, you want to be sure that you're allocating your resources and budget for maximum effect. Don't just take our word for it! Here are some promotional products facts to illustrate the reach and impact promotional products have on consumers.

  1. 80% of consumers have promotional products. That's quite a reach.
  2. 91% of the people who have promotional products have at one least in their kitchen, 74% have at least one in their workspace and 55% have at least one in their bedroom. With the right mix of promotional products, your brand will follow consumers everywhere they go.
  3. 53% percent of the people who have promotional products use them every week. Not only are you at the top of their minds, but you're building your reputation as someone who improves your customers' lives.
  4. 63% of consumers give their promotional products to other people when they're finished with them. Promotional items are the gift that keeps on giving!
  5. 60% of them keep their promotional products up to two years. On average, they keep them for six and a half months. That's a long lasting branding investment.
  6. People are over 35% more likely to do business with a company after receiving a promotional product. Increase the conversion rates of consumers who are already interested in you.
  7. Giving away promotional products can increase the effectiveness of other media by up to 44%. Promotional products can increase your revenue both directly and indirectly.
  8. 89% of consumers remember the names of businesses that gave them promotional products within the previous two years, meaning your name will stick with them long after that TV commercial jingle fades away.
  9. People are over 50% more likely to remember a business's name after viewing it on a mug than on TV. They're also 48% more likely to remember it compared to hearing it on radio.
  10. 48% of consumers want more promotional products. With such a receptive audience, your money won't go to waste.

Now that you have the promotional products facts, start maximizing your marketing efforts. Contact your local Fully Promoted store today for promotional items that will help your business get noticed!