Promotional Products Customers Need & Can Feel Good About

Posted on April 02, 2021 3:38 PM

The benefit of promotional products is their longevity (i.e., length of branded exposure) and usefulness to your customers and employees. Ever notice some promotional items end up in the trash or are left behind, and others are scooped up, shared, and used regularly? As a business, deciding on the best promotional products should be based on customer needs, brand personality, and shelf life to maximize your investment in these promotional products by choosing items that are not only thoughtful but useful to your target audience. The average lifespan of all promotional products is about eight months. However, many factors affect a product’s lifetime, depending on the popularity, consumer demographics, location, and, most importantly, functionality. 

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) conducted a study on what promotional products people were most likely to have in their homes. Consider this list of the most popular promotional products according to American consumers when you are choosing your brand’s next promotional products.

1.      Writing Instruments

Pens, pencils, and styluses make fantastic promotional gifts. They are small and easy to keep and share. About 50% of consumers shared in the survey that they own promotional pens. Writing instruments are fantastic promotional products due to their functionality and likelihood of sharing with others. Impressions created by promotional pens typically cost a mere 1/10 of a cent. When you consider pens’ high visibility and low cost, it becomes easy to see how pens are a great promotional product choice. 

2.      Bags

Promotional bags come in all sizes, colors, styles, and purposes. From drawstring to totes, promotional bags are a great item to pass around as they generate over 5,700 impressions and 50% of consumers say they have at least one at home. Another great feature of promotional bags is that they pair very well with other promotional products; stuff a customized drawstring bag with a matching pen, T-shirt, and cap, and you’ve created a promotional package. 

3.      Office Accessories

At an average of 14 months of ownership, office accessories are among the most long-lasting promotional products available. 41% of consumers say that they keep promotional office accessories such as calculators, pencil cups, and mousepads at their workplace desks. This means that your brand is publicly displayed for coworkers and visitors to see.

4.      T-Shirts

From football games to business conventions, people love getting free t-shirts, as proven by the numbers – 58% of consumers say they own at least one promotional t-shirt. One of the best parts of promotional t-shirts is the endless variations and design opportunities that customized T-shirts offer. Another great feature of t-shirts is that they are commonly shared or passed on to others. This further extends your brand garnering countless impressions over the lifetime of the promotional shirt. 

5.      Calendars 

Customized calendars are a fantastic advertising tool as they last for 12 months. Even though calendars are a little less popular than other promotional products at just 29% average ownership, that is still impressive, particularly when you consider that consumers keep it for much longer. That means that your brand is receiving 12 months of awareness in almost a third of consumers. 

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