Prepare for Cold and Flu Season with Customized Promotional Products

Posted on September 25, 2017 12:08 AM General, Embroidery

It is nearly impossible to avoid illness during cold and flu season, and your business could easily fall victim to a cold or flu outbreak during this time of year. Business owners and staff are constantly coming into contact with other people, presenting opportunities to exchange harmful germs with something as simple as a handshake. To avoid the potential impact of cold and flu season on your staff, implement some healthy practices around the office. Show your employees you care by investing in these health-conscious promotional products to prepare for cold and flu season.

Promotional Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Keep your employees healthy at work and on-the-go with promotional antibacterial hand sanitizer bottles that can conveniently be kept in purses, backpacks, office desks, cars and more. Antibacterial alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill germs and are a must-have for busy client-facing operations. Place promotional hand sanitizer bottles at high-traffic places around your business so they are available to everyone while reinforcing your brand.

Customized Tissue Boxes and Packets

Tissue boxes and pocket-sized packets will keep your employees prepared for cold and flu season while increasing your brand's visibility. Promotional tissue boxes and packets are not only perfect for cold and flu season preparedness, but they are also strategic promotional products for medical offices, hospitals, pharmacies and health insurance companies.

Branded Thermometers

Thermometers help monitor our body temperature and may help your staff recognize when it's the right time to take a sick day and rest up. Promotional digital monitors customized with your brand message are great products that customers will keep season after season.

Stay Hydrated with Customized Water Bottles and Tumblers

It's no secret that staying hydrated helps prevent a cold or flu. Remind your staff and customers of the importance of drinking fluids during cold and flu season with promotional water bottles and tumblers. Promotional water bottles and tumblers complement any type of marketing campaign and are easily customizable for your brand message.

Fully-Equipped Promotional Cold and Flu Kits

Include all these health and wellness promotional products in a custom cold and flu kit. Fully equip your staff this cold and flu season by supplying them with a range of promotional products that can combat the spread of germs and lessen their chances of becoming sick. Employees and clients will appreciate the gesture and usefulness of promotional products that demonstrate how your company prioritizes good health.

Contact Fully Promoted this Cold and Flu Season for Promotional Products

Get promotional products this cold and flu season by contacting your nearest Fully Promoted resource center. The marketing specialists at Fully Promoted, the world's largest promotional products franchise, are skilled in identifying the right product for your unique brand and specific marketing campaign.