Outfit Your Employees for Success – 6 Benefits of Company Uniforms

Posted on February 02, 2021 3:17 PM

One of the best ways to build employees’ company pride and teamwork while impressing customers and potential customers at the same time is to have your own company uniform. Although these reasons alone are enough to encourage any business owner to outfit employees with branded uniforms, there are plenty of other reasons to boost your business with this strategy. Consider these other reasons when you are evaluating whether uniforms could benefit your company.

1.      Associate your brand with professionalism and safety – Research has shown that most people associate uniformed company representatives with reliability, skill, and professionalism. Customers and potential customers also feel safer when they can easily recognize representatives from a company they trust.

2.      Increase your company’s brand exposure – Your brand is highly visible everywhere your employees are seen when they are wearing your company branded uniforms.

3.      Differentiate your brand from your competition – Your brand will never be mistaken for that of your competitor when your employees wear your branded uniform with your logo and brand colors in the spotlight.

4.      Build in safety measures to protect employees – Uniform materials can be flame resistant and high visibility to help keep employees safe on the job.

5.      Improve Security – When your employees are all in uniform, it is easy to spot anyone who should not be on your business’s premises.

6.      Great for Employees – Take the worry out of having appropriate work attire for your employees.   

Outfit your employees easily with top quality, branded uniforms when you have an online company store powered by Fully Promoted

Your online company store for employees can be an easy, efficient, and even profitable way to outfit your employees with branded uniforms and provide other branded promotional items for purchase as well. The professionals at Fully Promoted can completely manage the requests for this merchandise that works hard for your brand as we fulfill requests via vouchers and purchase orders. We also handle all the deliveries of these products by shipping them directly to the employee.

Employees simply visit your company store’s website and order their branded apparel, uniforms, or other merchandise, paying for it either with vouchers, purchase orders, their own credit or debit cards, or a code that your company creates to provide the merchandise at no cost to them. Fully Promoted takes the order, processes payment for it, prepares it for shipment, and sends it to employee recipients. We keep track of all merchandise that is ordered, the inventory of all the branded items your store carries, recipients of the merchandise, and the purposes for which merchandise is purchased. This includes branded merchandise used for Human Resources (HR) initiatives, employee uniforms, special events, promotion giveaways, and more.

What items should be in a company store?

Some of the most popular branded company merchandise available in online company stores for employees includes:

·         Uniforms (workwear, polo shirts, shirts, t-shirts, safety clothing, etc.)

·         Hats and caps

·         Fashion-forward branded outerwear

·         Athleisure clothing

·         Water bottles branded with your logo

·         Totes and drawstring bags

·         Pens and pencils

Fully Promoted is the Best Choice to Power Your Online Branded Uniform Store

At Fully Promoted, we have seen it again and again – branded uniforms help a business grow for many reasons. If you have been thinking about uniforms for your employees but do not know where to begin, call your local branded uniform and promotional products experts at Fully Promoted. Our local experts are highly experienced in managing branded apparel and promotional item stores. Fully Promoted works with a wide range of industries from home services trades, non-profits, and automotive to healthcare, education, construction, and more. 

Contact Fully Promoted today to find out how we can make your branded uniforms and other promotional items a hit with both employees and customers.