Orders Gone Wrong | Avoid Mistakes When Ordering Promotional Products

Posted on January 19, 2018 12:01 AM General, Embroidery

Avoid Mistakes When Ordering Promotional Products

Promotional products are extremely customizable and offer limitless possibilities for delivering your brand message, then again there are many opportunities for mistakes throughout the ordering process. It's crucial to make a game plan for each marketing event so you have all the right tools and knowledge available to costly slip-ups. Read on to see some of the most common mistakes you will want to avoid when ordering promotional products.Prioritizing Budget Over Quality

Promotional products represent your company, and ordering low-quality promotional products can be damaging to your brand. In trying to pinch a few pennies or direct funds to other parts of your marketing budget, you may end up ordering promotional products that consumers do not want or will quickly throw away. Instead of going with the most inexpensive promotional products, shop around and speak with a specialist about cost-effective items that will get your brand the greatest impressions while still being useful and unique.

Overloading Your Canvas

Having too much or too little information displayed on promotional products is a very common mistake and is the easiest way to create an eyesore. In an attempt to get prospective customers to know as much about your company as possible, you may be overloading your promotional product design with too much information, such as a phone number, website address, tagline, email or physical address. To avoid this mistake, keep the imprint area of your chosen promotional product in mind and work with an artist to create an attractive display of the right information.

Underestimating Your Timeline

Waiting too long before ordering promotional products can throw off the success of your organization's event. If you wait until the last minute to research promotional products, speak with a specialist or make an order, then you risk missing the deadline or having to pay expedited shipping costs and other rush order fees. Your organization's marketing calendar should include hard dates as to when you will need to order your promotional materials.

Forgetting Your Audience

You may think the best promotional product is the most popular item at that time or something that you personally like. Keep in mind your target audience's taste and take the time to research what items are useful and most appreciated by that specific group. Also, take into consideration the specific event you are ordering promotional products for and create a custom design to garner even more attention. By tailoring promotional products to each individual occasion and target audience, you increase the chances of more impressions and having your promotional products last longer in the consumer's hands.

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